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Welcome to the Felke Institute and Iridology

If you are looking for a professional and inspired training course in Iridology (Analysis of the Iris), then look no farther, you have found the right place and the highest stage of knowledge worlwide based on over 50 years of experience in direct line to Emanuel Felke.

Felke Institute e.K.
Postfach (P. O. Box) 10 05 62
70829 Gerlingen

Phone: +49 - (0) 7156 - 927744
Fax: +49 - (0) 71 56 - 4379160


Over 50 years of Experience and
Expertise in Iridology

Combining over 50 years of direct experience in iridology guarantees you that teachings and teachers are at the highest level of competence. Beginning with Josef Deck’s Institute for Foundation Research in Iridology through to today’s Felke Institute you can be sure that providing a professionally relevant, user friendly training is our goal.

Next Course

Next Introductory Course

Germany, Stuttgart
Introductory Course 1 + 2
20th June - 24th June 2011

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Always at the Forefront

Iridology is not a static area of knowledge. Through continuing research and development of our curricula and publications, you will find yourself always at the forefront of this dynamic subject.

Modern Iridology

Modern Iridology entails more than just recognizing the Constitutional Type. Here at The Felke Institute you will begin to understand just how multi-layered and far-reaching a field it is. Your knowledge of the possibilities and restrictions of the field guarantee success.

Research and Teaching

Many components of Iridology offer exciting possibilities for further analysis. Based on international exchange, individual studies and research projects, training at The Felke Institute utilizes only components that have been tried and tested.


There are many opinions and choices out in the free market. In today’s world documentation of competency and use of standardized terminology are becoming more and more important. We offer a standardized training in Iridology with clear structure and the possibility to achieve certification.

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